Slow Cooked Lamb Recipes : What Temperature To Cook Turkey.

Slow Cooked Lamb Recipes

slow cooked lamb recipes

    slow cooked
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Lamb Plate (close-up)

Lamb Plate (close-up)

Pennsylvania Lamb:

- broiled Pennsylvania Lamb Chop, Raisin-Caper Relish, Roasted Sweet Corn, Blue Cheese, Broccoli

This was a rehearsal dinner, of sorts - I am planning to make a Leg of Lamb for Easter.

Absolutely a free-style plate, but worked out to the point where I can put this dish on the menu anytime, anywhere.

Lamb - seasoned with S&P, Madras Curry, broiled on high;

Raisin-Caper Relish - golden raisins, salt packed capers ( 2:1 ratio), garlic, shallot, lemon juice;

- very-very nice, albeit nothing new. I may use Yuzu or Meyer Lemon on Sunday, as well as add some parsley and some blood orange zest (Yuzu rind would be too tart)

Roasted Sweet Corn - seasoned with salt, can use a touch of butter;

Blue Cheese - Valdeon, in this case, added umami;

Broccoli - I did not have any greens ( micro- or otherwise), so I used it for color - turned out it added a touch of pleasant bitterness;

All I could ask for is Steelite In.Gredienti plates - this plate is ready to debut.

Lamb Dopiaza

Lamb Dopiaza

The theme this week in Friday Food Fiesta is "Curry", so it seemed appropriate to make Lamb Dopiaza. Dopiaza means something like "two onions" and is so called because it has two types of onions in. The sauce contains finely chopped onions in as a base, much like many other curries. At the end of cooking, you also add some finely sliced onions that have been slowly fried until they have developed a red-brown colour. Delicious.

Here we have Lamb Dopiaza, Sag Aloo and Spiced Basmati Rice.


slow cooked lamb recipes

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